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Without doubt, a first date is an important time for kissing a woman. Most women love to kiss and where they find the perfect kiss is even better. Some women are not the first day, which is perfectly acceptable to kiss. However, if you do not mind dreaming a kiss on the date of the first to inform you of something great and memorable!

French Kiss

The French kiss is sensual and exciting. A kiss, your love and desire to catch fire. French kiss is as effective as a solid game in the meadow covered with straw, in the heat of summer when the sun sets the sky on fire.

French kiss definition: an explosive growth resulting in a fire when two pairs of lips suddenly mixed with a fuel demand.

How are sensual and the best in the most intimate kiss:

- Receive a sensual mouth. Brush and floss. Drink water. A kiss is fresh and healthy sensual French kiss.
- Hair & Body Neat. Shaving after-shave. Shower and shampoo.
- If your partner or innocent looking dominant
- Get Closer & gently kiss
- Start slowly lick your lips love
- Feel your tongue reacts Satin roaming your mouth
- Visit your partner's mouth, slowly.
- Over time, deeper and more intimate.
- The best French kiss takes time.
- Press the tongue in the mouth of the partner, or take a guided tour
- Do not give your mouth at once.
- Do not take more than your partner in the mouth immediately. That fire has spread slowly.
- Resists more fun.
- Close your eyes and let the wind blow the passion
- Bite your partner's lip with the teeth together. Slowly.
- Look carefully at your partner.

A date of the first kiss should be something simple and special. If a woman steps in this first day, usually in the back, asked if a kiss is the date of completion. There is nothing wrong with a kiss on the first date, but should not be a little higher.

Love is like life, you never know its surprises. But beyond all that happened, it can be good or bad, we still struggle to live and love. People are not perfect. These shortcomings make us feel different emotions on a roller coaster.

Normally, a woman is not sick with a soft, sweet kiss at the end of the night. Also for women who are not usually kiss on the first day if the kiss is a bit soft, gentle and simple, they do not comply.

Aiswarya Rai Hot

Aishwarya Rai Born on 1st November 1973, at Mangalore, India. Her nick names are Ash, Gullu, The Queen of Bollywood. Birth name is Aishwarya Krishnaraj Rai. Now her name is Aishwarya Bachchan. She was bron into a traditional South Indian family. She started modeling at young age. She appeared in many commercials. Aishwarya Rai Crowned Miss India in the year 1994 runner-up. She won the Miss World Crown in the year 2004. Aiswharya Rai began her career in the film industry with a Tamil film Iruvar in the year 1997, which was a hit as opposed to her Hindi Film Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya with Bobby Deol. She won the filmfare Best Actress Award for her next Tamil film Jeans, which was also an entry to the Oscars. Aishwarya Rai is one of Bollywood's pre-eminent leading ladies.
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Big Boobs Mistery Revealed!

Scientists in the United Kingdom is trying to understand why women's breasts become larger.

While some inventors to enhance debt increasingly thicker breasts, the other pollution from pesticides say the surge caused.

But others believe there is a reason why even discovered that breasts grow, reported the daily Star.

One scientific source said: "It is the great question, and it has many people confused."

In recent years, the demand for oversized weapons were in the United Kingdom breathtaking.

Some experts believe the reason for the expansion of the chest increased man-made chemicals in the environment.

Pesticides and plastics are known to disrupt the hormonal development when they enter the food chain.

Dr. Marilyn Glenville, a nutrition specialist for the health of women, said: "This gives women the estrogen their characteristic shape, as they pass through puberty.

"This is what causes the stimulation of breast tissue, so, if we have extra estrogen from the environment, the effect on breast size.

"It could be a better way to bigger breasts to get breast implants, but it will be a compromise. It shows that stimulates the breasts, but that's not good that the cells begin to mutate.

It gets worse if something is not done about it. Breasts, in theory, could be even greater. "

Dr. Joanna Scurr, a professor of biomechanics at the University of Portsmouth, said: "The breasts are bigger, but it's not just because we are becoming increasingly difficult.

We studied 300 British women over four years and found an increase in the average size of the breast, not only in women who are fat. "

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Benefits of Celebrity Gossip

USA is home to the stars, and most people have used admirers of celebrities want to subscribe to celebrity gossip magazines and television programs and radio stations that stories about famous people to read. Gossip can destroy other people whether they are famous or not. There have been cases of friendships and people who end their lives because someone said something not very nice things about them. But there is sometimes a good thing that someone can get from reading about the private lives of other people? The answer is yes, there is a kind of good that comes from reading about famous people.

1st Hold The Stars at bay

A lot of people learn a lot by reading about famous people and the mistakes they have made in their lives. For example, as a famous person was trapped in his or her spouse and the whole affair, blown open for all to see. This makes the celebrity in question and other famous people who tend to cheat on their husbands think before they progress and the destruction of their integrity. Famous people are people who are sensitive to act in the place where most of the time, but celebrity gossip magazines, TV programs and websites to curb them. Famous people hate to see the details of their private life displayed for all to see, and that is why they are always on their best behavior when in public.

2nd Do readers / viewers Feel Good about themselves

Reading about a famous person with certain issues such as relationship problems and / or problems in their "perfect" life type, the reader / viewer a kind of validation. Knowing that a person with all his or her fame and fortune go through some questions that make people not satisfied with a good feeling about their own lives. Celebrity gossip sometimes provides intimate details about life in a celebrity - and the truth is that privacy is what every top celebrity and fog would sometimes exchanged for a normal life. Knowing that you read the one tabloid is lucky to do certain things and get away with it without anyone being the wiser, it's a feeling that a celebrity would love to get.

3rd Brings you closer to friends, colleagues and family

It is amazing how two or more people can connect on topics of common interest. You can easily link to other people like you the latest gossip on celebrities to read. Celebrity gossip has led to a lot of people closer and helps break boredom.

Sherlyn Chopra Unseen Hot Pics


Bold and beautiful Sherlyn Chopra is not shy of a willingness to take risks in her career.

Also known as Sherlyn Mona Chopra was born on 11th February 1984.

Although she loves acting,she has not stopped Sherlyn Chopra voice to the song. She has two albums titled Outrageous and released DARD-e-Sherlyn.

she has in the film as beautiful favorites, Beeper (2002) Time Pass (2005), Dosti (2005) Naughty Boy (2006) and Jawaan Deewana (2006). She is currently working on a project of the prestigious Yash Raj Films, which also stars Shahid Kapoor and Rani Mukherji.

Dil Bole Hadippa (2009) - Soniya

Red Swastika (2007) - Smita credited (as Maneka Chopra)

Raqeeb (2007)

Game (2007)

Jawani Diwani: A Ballad of Youth (2006) (2006) - Neighbor man

Expenditure Time (2005) - Jenny

Deepika Padukone Very Hot Pics

Too much attention from the scene show Deepika Padukone and her two co-stars Lara Dutta and Jiah Khan walk on the beach in a bikini in the current budget had been confiscated. But Deepika think too much is done for nothing.

"When you pull on a beach in Italy, you look sexy. However, the highlight of the movie not the bikini here. I remember people wearing a big deal about Priyanka Chopra, a bathing suit" Dostana "but we know that the film was much more than this, "Deepika told a news agency.

Deepika has no objection to be the bikini shot, this one advertised in the film, while not getting the people the wrong ideas about the film.

"All publicity is good as long as everyone is aware in connection with the film true intent. In the same direction as in House Full, we seem to girl in a bikini for a while, but the film goes on. Not the main focus is to show skin," said them.

Since it is rare that slip along the three great ladies of the film swimwear for the same time, we have a way tug of war of ego, if not expected Catfights look better in them. But Deepika says that there is no such thing.

"The three of us in the gym and share notes to go over our food. In fact, I remember with salad for the other girls. Lara also has something for me. It n" There were no negative energy whatsoever "said Deepika.
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Swimwear Modesty

All swimsuits by a factor of punch, sexy or hot babes roaming the beaches of miniature costumes (which they reveal more hidden links). But the port stuff is not cup of tea for all. It is not always in body size, which most of the questions as you slip into a bathing suit is a quotient of comfort you opened the door to all areas such as the beach. If someone is not well, especially in a swimsuit she shows in body language and facial expressions as well.

However, if you are a baby into the water, then it is not necessary to carry small things. The markets have a variety of ways, and that in different color schemes for every taste style. Women can go either swimwear swimsuits camouflage or leg, covering the entire body is covered and a lot of shame attached to it. These are essentially concealing costumes that cover the body from neck to ankles. Above the normal body-water departure, while the bottom has drawers in dark shades continue to make themselves thinner.
This insurance i [swimsuit is also ideal for people whose skin is sensitive to the salty sea water. And for those who will burn the skin into a nightmare, swim leg is another good option. Still, it is not necessary to put your body to extreme harsh climate of the beach and later regret it.

So what if you can not wear two-piece bikini like Halle Berry or Jenniffer Aniston, at least you can have all the fun in the water.

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Prathishta, fresh face in the South Indian film Industry.These some exclusive footage from her latest movie. She looks very beautiful and sexy too. She looks very beautiful in saree. These some exclusive photos of glamorous Prathishta. Now a days in South India Film industry with a large influx of actress. Upcoming actress willing to take any roles. But Prathishta protection is very sweet, and it was a good opportunity to show.
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Body Language of Female and Show off Attraction

When a man is happy, the girl of his dreams to get most of them are of the opinion that the process is completed, and what remains is bliss. The truth is the real start as a human attempt to know the mind of the girl to see her performance at the point of being a stalker. The man is aware that literally if ever there a specific way to determine if the girl is optimistic about it or not, being a body language message that calls have given.

Wooing her is much easy, but make sure you are high in the assessments to take literally what you have. I want to know this but there is no way that you can, try not to be important to you, so do not read your mind and know if she hates it or already dying to get to know. All single men should know that there is a way of reading your thoughts.

The good thing with the anatomy of women is that their body language is no secret and it will always sell the game or so over those who are looking to say. A woman trying to relax and the whole thing cool, but if he knows what to look at interest, your answers are answered in no time.

The first thing to check is the only woman as she tried to get noticed. May not be exchanged even a verbal communication, but the girl was struck by your strength and want to say. Take the way a stronger voice more than usual, sometimes laughing and dancing with enthusiasm, as appropriate, as it looks to your direction. It can go to your table and at the same time you realize that this is not a place where it led. It does not full eye contact with after they have passed you. You can time with satisfaction all his attention is focused on attracting attention.

Single Girl has no control over your eyebrows, and a gate to its full intent. See it as you introduce yourself and see these huge increase eyebrows. Do not forget that the full emotions can be expressed on the face really. Any pleasure she could feel at the meeting did not differ in any way to it and happy for you to see and ears tend to cut to its full functionality, unpopular.

Remember that the brightness of your eyes. Naturally, when a person has any interest in anything that you want to order, the focus is a way to move in a rhythmic way and in a characteristic movement from left to right eye. If playing high in the spirit of a girl, its oscillation will be faster, while their eyes will immediately fall into his mouth, sometimes wonder whether it really necessary nerves in their lips to yours.

Rimi Sen Hot

Rimi or Rimii, as she loves to call these days, Odyssey dancer who accidentally caught the eye of the director, while listening to ads. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Fundamentals Rimi Sen

Born 21 September 1981 in Calcutta, Rimi was baptized Shubhomitra Senator

Her school days spent in the high school girls Bidya Bharti. She also trained in the Odyssey is part of the dance group in Aloka Kanungo.

Rimi auditioned for a Coke ad, when the Director notices in January and offering it a role in Hungama (2003).

Rimi Sen Movies

Rimi Sen first film was in Ange in Hungama Priyadarshan (2005). After working with Hema Malini and Amitabh Bachchan in Baghban (2005), she received a role in the blockbuster "Dhoom (2006), wife Sweety Abhishek Bachchan in.

Rimi will continue to be considered in some of the biggest hits, mostly comedy genre as a mass of fire (2005), Hero Phir Pheri (2006), Golmaal (2006) and Dhoom 2 (2006). In 2007 she played opposite Neil Nitin Mini Mukesh. Her first film in December Taali (2008) were not successful.
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Modern Bikini

You want a woman to look good. This can be done by taking care of themselves, have a right and exercise, and wear pretty dresses. You can create your own style and look, if you have a collection line of sportswear.

Want to active wear, which is very convenient to have on while you're busy, or relaxed inside your home, shop, running orders etc.

You would choose sports facilities, which has a modern feel and will work in a comfortable and stylish clothes. I will love the unique design and looks fantastic when you work. Take a trip to one of your sports facilities. Did you ever work, and happened to run into someone you like, because I have not seen what I look like? If you use a nice sports do not have to worry about it, so it will look put together and beautiful.

Save time and opportunity to choose to bear active tissue Supplex. For you, it means that the fabric retains its shape, breathable, resistant to fading, and also reduces dry faster than cotton.

When you work, and / or care of a figure, you stand out from the crowd with unique bikini. Imagine a beach bikini is a designer. You can be sure of how they look. Do not be surprised if people look at others view you, or just too long.
While the bikini was beautiful, and they are very comfortable. You can be sure of having them on the beach, beach volleyball. You like to play frisbee and really come into it? Do not worry about how to establish a bikini and put a sweater over it.
Activities on the boat with sexy bikini and unique. You will enjoy basking in the sun in designer bikinis.

You can choose unique panties with full back coverage or cover bands. You can choose one of the bright colors, durable and beautiful design quick. The most difficult part of the bikini to know who to choose.

You may want to add a bit of swimming to your collection. Here you will find equally beautiful piece bikini swimsuit as mentioned above.

Look sexy and feel confident that the active wear and swimwear demolition, while the beach, traveling, relaxing around the house, etc. You deserve to look good and feel good.